What's included?

  • Specific, targeted affirmations that uncover blocks to self-worth, love, empowerment, trust, and more!

  • 12 short video coaching lessons, between 2-8 minutes each, in which I guide you through each of the affirmations.

  • Two downloadable PDF worksheets per lesson, so that you can apply the affirmations to your own life and experiences.

  • You will learn how to subtly shift your beliefs in order to massively transform your world.

  • You will develop more confidence in yourself and your decisions, both large and small, every day.

In only 12 days, you will approach challenges in a more empowered and positive way.

Retake the course as many times as you like to keep the affirmations fresh in your mind. Once you purchase the course, it's yours to keep forever!

Course curriculum

    1. Day 2 - Intuition

    1. Day 3 - Forgiveness

    1. Day 4 - Trust

    1. Day 5 - Appreciation

About this course

  • $24.00
  • 13 lessons

Purchase the 12 Day Transformation course once, keep it for life.

You can take this course whenever you like and repeat it as many times as you wish.


  • Do I have to do the 12 days all in a row?

    No, you can go at your own pace.

  • Can I only take the course once?

    You can take it as many times as you like! Once you purchase this course, it's yours forever.

Renew your mind with powerful, life-changing affirmations. Embrace the present and see the future with new optimism.